You must have a computer with keyboard and normal or big screen.
Your browser must be up to date Google Chrome.
Mouse and joystick have no use.


You may adjust the browser zoom to see the whole image or to increase its size.

The most practical ways to change the browser zoom are:
- holding down the CTRL key, spin the mouse wheel
- holding down the CTRL key, press - or +

Full Screen

Press F11 to go full screen mode (or to return to normal screen).


If the image trembles when you move your avatar:
- go full screen mode (F11)
- change the browser zoom for a while
- close other pages and applications

Questions, Criticisms, Suggestions



The first episodes work as tutorials.
Select the episode you want in order to replay it.


Your progress is automatically saved at the end of each episode, if the browser is NOT in incognito mode. This data may be lost if you clean up the web browser data (cookies).


Press F5 to restart game episode.



Press Pause to pause game. Press Esc to resume game.


In order to spin your avatar without move it, press SHIFT and ARROW.

Diagonal Step

Press SHIFT and two ARROWs to make your avatar walk diagonally.
Your avatar will NOT walk through diagonal when he can get to desired position walking two steps in 'L' without stepping on hazardous ground.

Pick Up

After standing for 1 second, your avatar starts to pick up objects that are under his feet.


Press T to make your avatar start talk to NPCs.

Melee Attack

Pressing Space Bar makes your avatar melee attack.
If there is no target ahead of your avatar, he tries to target some close monster.

Aiming and Shooting

When you press a key to throw an object or spell your avatar goes into aiming mode for a while.
During aiming mode your avatar can not move. He just turns to the commanded direction.

Name Position

Press N to change position of creature's name or race.

More Play Instructions

There are much more things in game, but there is no need to state them here.